CLAREMONT, NC – Fiber optic cable manufacturer Prysmian Group announced a new outside-plant fiber cable for the Americas market. The LT20 BBXS cable’s 19 percent reduction in diameter and 30 percent reduction in weight sets the stage for future reductions in the size of outside-plant splice cases, pedestals and cabinets. The cable comes standard with BendBrightXS bend-insensitive fiber.

According to Prysmian, this smaller, lighter, bend-tolerant cable allows customers to save money by:

  • Using smaller, lighter reels during installation
  • Reducing duct size and achieving longer blowing distances
  • Installing additional cable in ducts previously considered full
  • Reducing loads on poles and strand wire
  • Allowing the use of smaller handholes, closures and pedestals.
  • “This product is a game changer for our customers and the industry. The customer has the opportunity to save money while receiving a superior cable product. From an environmental and aesthetic standpoint, this product will drive the use of smaller outside plant accessories such as splice cases, pedestals, hand holes and cabinets,” says Greg Williams, director of marketing at the Prysmian Group.

    “The LT20 BBXS design family brings the benefits of bend-insensitive fiber to the outside plant,” says Jon Fitz, business solutions manager. “The cable, buffer tube and fiber can all be installed and stored with significantly smaller bend radii. Full reels are easier to handle, and common operations, like figure-eight and coil storage, are easier to perform.”

    Performance of the LT20 BBXS product line meets or exceeds industry standards such as GR20, RUS/RDUP PE90, ITU G.652.D, ITU G.657.A2, and the line is backward compatible with existing single-mode fibers and loose tube cables. More than 16 billion feet of BendBrightXS fiber has been deployed since its introduction in 2006.