NEW YORK – While copper has served the communications needs of the country well for more than 100 years, Verizon has found that fiber optics is a better option for its customers.

Greater Reliability
Fiber is more reliable than copper, especially during inclement weather. This means customers enjoy better voice quality, and customer calls for repairs drop by orders of magnitude.

Fewer Service Dispatches, Faster Repairs
In 2013 alone, Verizon eliminated 600,000 repair dispatches as a direct result of migrating customers served by copper over to fiber. And when something does interrupt service, like downed lines from storms, service can be restored more quickly.

Fiber Migrations Running Ahead of Schedule
Verizon is well on its way to surpassing its goal of migrating 300,000 residential customers from copper to fiber in 2013. In fact, the company now has more customers connected via fiber (6.2 million) than copper (6.1 million). So far, Verizon has migrated 500,000 lines overall since the migration initiative began last year.

Fiber optics is a technology platform that can evolve with a community and customer’s technology needs many decades into the future.