RICHMOND, VA – ITS Telecom, a communications provider offering fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP) service to rural Martin County, Florida, has deployed PowerWave Bus System and Touch Rail Technology from PDI, which allows for vertical drop-downs from a common bus, saving valuable space within the data center. PDI designs, manufactures, and services mission critical power distribution, static switching, and power monitoring equipment for corporate data centers.

PDI’s PowerWave Bus System with Touch Rail Technology is a modular pre-engineered product line expansion into the structured bus distribution market. PDI has incorporated the simplicity of vertical drop-downs from a common bus with the integration of PDI’s WaveStar technology for intelligent monitoring and communications.

Easy-to-Install Structured Busway

PDI solution provide ITS with an integrated, flexible, and easy-to-install structured busway in the data center that safely distributes power to all systems and can be adapted as power needs change.

Through its business division, ITS Fiber, ITS Telecom recently expanded fiber services for its business/commercial customers in a tri-county area with a population of more than 200,000. Its fully underground fiber infrastructure drives secure colocation data center services ranging from storage to data back-up and recovery.

“Our 100 percent underground fiber infrastructure with the added component of a data center had the potential to make ITS unique by allowing us to offer the speed, flexibility, and services to remain competitive,” said Jeff Leslie, CEO of ITS. “As we began construction to re-tool the entire footprint of our central office, power distribution became a critical piece of the puzzle.”

“The PowerWave bus system is very unique, and is a powerful solution solving one of the biggest challenges in power distribution – lack of space,” said Jeff Meyer, director of IT operations at ITS. “We had some ambitious plans that demanded a new approach to satisfy space constraints. PDI had the technology with the flexibility, versatility, and design necessary to meet our challenge.”

Jeff Leslie of ITS added, “We’ve successfully transformed our business and PDI has helped take this vision even further. Plans are well underway to complete the evolution into a full virtual services provider. Power distribution equipment from PDI was an integral part of creating this data center.”