NEW HAVEN, CT – Spot On Networks, a wireless Internet service provider (WISP) providing managed UserSafe Wi-Fi networks to multi-tenant properties, hotels and commercial spaces, announced the release of UserSafe Wi-Fi Version 2.0., which enhances the Wi-Fi network user experience and provides our property clients with better support features and additional deployment options.

“We have incorporated several new features in UserSafe Wi-Fi V2.0 that are based on the feedback and input of our customers,” said Tom Doyle, president of Spot On Networks, “Our goal is to continue to provide our secure and managed UserSafe Wi-Fi together with enhanced usability functions that make it easier, faster and smoother to use Wi-Fi. The upgrades that we have made to our UserSafe Wi-Fi product do just that.”

User Experience Enhancements: AnyDevice Technology and New Registration Portal
Spot On has begun initial roll out of an upgraded log on interface that allows for ease of login on any size device. Enhanced log-in pages make signing up for Wi-Fi access easy on laptops, smartphones and tablets and with any operating system. New property Wi-Fi networks will be deployed with the UserSafe 2.0 AnyDevice standard and existing properties will be upgraded in phases. The new Spot On Registration Portal allows Wi-Fi networks users to sign up faster and simpler than before and should greatly improve customer experience. Registration Portal upgrades will also take place in phases.

New WiFi Networks Deployment Type: Facilites Wi-Fi
Spot On announced its latest Wi-Fi network deployment type: Facilities Wi-Fi, which expands a property’s secure back-office connectivity throughout an entire property or in specific areas of a property using a property’s existing back-end infrastructure. Facilities Wi-Fi allows staff to be able to utilize secure Wi-Fi Internet access where they can work, email, surf, use leasing applications and more, property-wide or in designated areas. This network is not accessible by anyone other than property staff. Devices on a Facilities Wi-Fi networks are pre-authenticated allowing for easy access to the Internet. Facilities Wi-Fi allows properties to avoid costly 3G data plans, both reducing cost and providing a faster and more reliable connection to the Internet.

New Wi-Fi Network Feature: Restricted Time of Day Access
Properties with Wi-Fi networks in their common areas can now choose to offer residents restricted time of day access at certain areas of their property. Residents will receive a message at login that the network is currently unavailable during certain hours.