LAS VEGAS – SoftAtHome, provider of home operating platforms enabling convergent services for the Digital Home, announced that its software is powering the ultra-fast 1 Gbps Home Gateway for Swisscom, Switzerland’s leading telecoms provider. The Internet-Box, launched in November 2013, is available to Swisscom residential customers for browsing the Internet at speeds up to 1 Gbps over the operator’s new fiber-optic network.

Support for Multiple High-Speed WAN Interfaces
The new Internet-Box is capable of 1 Gbps download speeds, while also allowing users to upload at 100 Mbps and enjoy high-speed connectivity over the air within the home at up to 500 Mbps thanks to the new Wi-Fi 802.11ac standard. SoftAtHome has helped Swisscom deliver a range of innovative features for the box, supporting their key priorities of speed, reliability, simplicity, security and mobility. One important feature is support for multiple high-speed WAN interfaces, including VDSL2 and 4G in addition to fiber. This means that the box can deliver ultra-fast broadband services to a wide range of homes, including those without direct fiber access.

Interactive Display for Pairing Connected Devices
Another key feature is an interactive display for easy personal settings and pairing of connected devices in the home, with a direct view of the whole home network layout, meeting Swisscom’s goal of simplicity for the user. Swisscom has provided an Internet Portal for support accessed via the box, improving the user experience and reducing costly hotline calls. There is also support for HD voice telephony, allowing connection of up to 4 wireless DECT phones with a shared address book.

The new Internet-Box supports guest access to Wi-Fi, which can be enabled by simply pressing a button and entering a generated password shown on the display. For safe and responsible Internet surfing, the parental control feature lets users fix each device’s browsing times.

“We were looking for a very flexible software platform to develop the different features we wanted for our demanding customers and exploit the speed of our fiber network,” said Mr. Andreas Martschitsch, head of home network of Swisscom’s Residential Business. “Our new gateway not only delivers all the functions our customers demand and expect today but is also future proof and ready to meet tomorrow’s requirements. Our collaboration with SoftAtHome has allowed all this to happen by leveraging their innovative software platform for the Digital Home.”