EMPORIA, KS – ValuNet, a fiber network start-up that offers voice, video and data to residential and business customers in Emporia Kansas, chose APMAX Middleware from Innovative Systems for its IPTV offering. “Everything that APMAX brought to the table worked and we saw a long-standing commitment to the independent market that fits well to the scale of our business,” said ValuNet CEO Rick Tidwell who also praised Innovative’s professionally produced video tutorials that ValuNet offers on its website and on one of its video channels. “These videos have made our service easier to support,” he said.

ValuNet is entering a video market that already has established players and needed to make an impact. Tidwell believes the quality of the APMAX Program Guide is comparable to that of the DBS competitors and superior to that of the incumbent cable providers. Whole Home DVR and the on-screen Weather app are also differentiators against competitors, according to Tidwell.

ValuNet was organized in March 2011 as a Kansas Limited Liability Company to build an fiber optic telecommunications network to service Emporia Kansas. Today ValuNet is owned by over 50 local Emporians.