FREMONT, CA — With demand for broadband speed accelerating, new equipment vendors are entering the market with innovative new GPON customer-premises equipment setting network operators on a quest for interoperable solutions for their fiber networks. As a result the Broadband Forum is witnessing increased global demand for its GPON testing through its BBF.247 GPON ONU Certification Program. More than 20 devices have already been certified from global companies including the latest additions such as Askey, Blu-Castle, Xavi, Finisar, Sagemcom and Sercomm, as well as additional devices from some other vendors (see full list of BBF.247 G-PON ONU certified products).

Certification Responds to Industry’s Need for Interoperability
Many more products are expected to follow in the coming months as GPON certification becomes a must-have requirement in the market. The certification responds to the industry’s need for interoperability to help speed the widespread adoption of fiber-based networks. It assures that GPON equipment meets service provider requirements for efficient network operations and high-quality customer experience.

“Finisar is pleased to receive certification for our SFP ONU which allows for rapid availability of BBF.247 compliant ONUs for commercial and residential services,” said Todd Swanson, EVP of global sales & marketing, Finisar. “Our SFP GPON ONU is an exciting new device in the SFP form factor which enables our customers to seamlessly migrate any traditional Ethernet SFP port in an existing FTTx or Wireless system into a GPON ONU port. We are excited to be part of this important milestone driving standards compliance, system interoperability, and readiness for mass deployment.”

Harold Fitch, CEO and founder of Blu-Castle shares Swanson’s enthusiasm for the certification. “Blu-Castle is happy to perform testing under the BBF.247 GPON certification as we believe it’s a constructive path towards the IoT,” he said. “The benefits for the industry are clear and immediate — as the ecosystem opens up, costs are reduced and fiber deployment increases. We also believe that by passing the certification we match industry requirements while establishing a benchmark for all players in field. The certification has strengthened our credibility and gives the operator community reassurance.”