PETALUMA, CA — Evertek, a local exchange carrier (LEC) serving rural areas of Northwest Iowa, and parts of South Dakota and Nebraska, is transitioning its existing fiber network to the Calix AXOS E7-2 Intelligent Modular System. Evertek has a varied set of network topologies, including fiber, hybrid-fiber coax, and wireless, enabling its WISP (wireless internet service provider) business to extend services across northwest Iowa and including parts of South Dakota and Nebraska.

Committed to bringing world-class broadband to its communities over any of these mediums, Evertek has gone well beyond the traditional triple-play package as it also offers home security and automation as well as IT services throughout its area. With this dedication at the core of the company’s values, Evertek is updating its GPON network from legacy Calix B6 systems to the AXOS E7-2 with the newly introduced Services Management Connector (SMx), allowing Evertek to future proof its network for the next wave of broadband services.

Delivering New Services to Subscribers Faster
“Our history started as a rural telephone cooperative, and over the years, we have made the investments needed to ensure our communities get the best broadband services available, including the introduction of new network technologies and unique partnerships with other service providers,” said Roxanne White, CEO of Evertek. “In our fiber footprint, we continue that tradition by harnessing the power and benefits of the AXOS platform to streamline our operations in a cost-effective manner and deliver new services to subscribers faster. As we move forward, we believe AXOS will provide the network foundation to embrace the next generation of broadband services.”

Deploying a Software Defined Network with Automated Workflows
Evertek is also embarking on a complete, next generation fiber network build, which includes the introduction of AXOS, new network infrastructure, and upgraded Calix optical network terminals (ONTs). With AXOS anchoring the network, Evertek can quickly introduce new services to its subscribers while driving more cost efficiencies such as reducing network-related resolution times and limiting the need for initiating truck rolls with the AXOS remote diagnostic toolkit. Through the use of SMx, Evertek will gain the benefits of deploying a software defined network with automated workflows today, all while using existing back-office business systems. The combination of the AXOS platform, the E7-2 system, and the SMx connector lets Evertek establish one common operational model across its network for unparalleled flexibility. Furthermore, it establishes a seamless path to deploy next generation fiber technologies and software defined access (SDA) architectures when the need arises.

“At Calix, we are focused on helping service providers of all shapes and sizes build next generation networks that enable the delivery of an unmatched subscriber experience,” said Skip Hirvela, vice president of sales at Calix. “Evertek is preparing for the future, as it moves from the B6 system to the E7-2 system, with AXOS being central to its fiber network vision. No matter what new application emerges or what next generation PON technology arises, AXOS will deliver a simplified migration path for Evertek’s business and allow its subscribers to experience the latest broadband services.”