PETALUMA, CA — Calix, a provider of broadband communications access systems, announced AXOS Services Management Connector (SMx), enabling its service provider customers to accelerate their migration to a next generation network. When combined with the complete end-to-end solution of the AXOS E7-2 Intelligent Modular System, which has been deployed in more North American service provider networks than any other access system, service providers can dramatically simplify their operational procedures of service and subscriber activation. To date, more than 200 service providers have already started leveraging AXOS to accelerate their business model transformation. Many Calix E7-2 customers are among that group including Arkwest, ECTC, and Gibson Electric Cooperative who can now easily integrate existing back office systems that use northbound interfaces other than native AXOS NETCONF/YANG with the new AXOS connector SMx.

Transitioning Legacy Networks to SDNs
“A major challenge for service providers today is to find a clear, obtainable pathway to transition their legacy networks to the software-defined networks of tomorrow via SDN technologies,” said Michael Howard, executive director, research and analysis at IHS Markit. “Operators are looking for a way to make this transition without major changes to their existing back-office systems and infrastructure in order to give them a competitive advantage. We believe that operators will want to examine the Calix strategy, which is designed to enable service providers of all types to make this transition without disturbing the growth of their business. It will help to measurably reduce operational costs while accelerating their move to SDN.”

AXOS SMx is the latest addition to the Calix AXOS family of connectors, which allow service providers to bridge the gap from older technologies to next generation solutions via cutting-edge software. Built to give service providers another option for their transition to SDN beyond the native AXOS NETCONF/YANG interfaces, AXOS SMx gives them the flexibility to deploy an SDN network with automated workflows today using existing back-office business systems.

Maintaining an Always On Network
Service providers face many challenges in the access network, not the least of which is the variety of deployment scenarios they face with subscribers living in every location from the very remote to large urban buildings. With AXOS, E-Series systems, and SMx, service providers can use a common operational service model. This common model can be leveraged regardless of the physical technology layer or the access network deployment location, from remote nodes, to an MDU, or to a central office. In every combination of these scenarios, the self-healing capabilities of AXOS allows service providers to maintain an always on network while dramatically reducing expensive truck rolls.

“From the inception of AXOS, the Calix vision has been to deliver a complete end-to-end solution that enables our customers to easily adopt next generation network architectures across their entire access network,” said Shane Eleniak, Calix vice president of products. “With the addition of AXOS SMx, our customers can transition to a software-defined network without the cost of integrating SDN controllers and orchestrators and simplify their operational procedures of service and subscriber activation down to just a few simple steps through automated workflows.”