SYDNEY – As part of the rollout of Australia’s National Broadband Network (NBN), the National Broadband Network Company (NBNCo) has selected Emerson Network Power to design, supply, install, and commission 10 network facilities centers across Australia.

The infrastructure project will play a key role in NBNCo’s plans to deliver a super-fast broadband network available to all Australian households and businesses. Emerson’s win was based on the breadth of its product portfolio and its ability to deliver the most cost-effective and energy-efficient infrastructure design for the facilities. The 10 facilities will be based in mainland capital cities and function as equipment hubs, operational depots and training facilities.

An Integrated Solution
Worth in excess of $100 million, the winning bid takes advantage of Emerson’s high-efficiency power systems (Trinergy and ASCO); Liebert precision cooling systems and SmartAisle optimization; SiteScan infrastructure monitoring and management; and fully integrated, factory-tested modular housing systems. The products are complemented by Emerson’s in-house integration expertise, combining solution engineering, end-to-end project management, global supply chain and logistics, and site civil works (via partnerships with Silcar and Greenbox Architecture). Emerson’s ability to offer an integrated IT and telecommunications solution is the result of a series of strategic acquisitions the company has made over the last few years.

“Our approach reflects a dimension of our business that differentiates us – our ability to create integrated solutions that bring core IT and telecommunications components together,” explains Scott Barbour, business leader for Emerson Network Power. He adds, “It’s not just about bandwidth. The facilities centers will house systems and information that need to offer levels of energy efficiency, reliability, and management functionality to enable NBNCo to keep the network operational and deliver on its promises to the Australian community.”