Zeewolde will become the ?rst town in the Netherlands with symmetrical Internet speeds of 200 Mbps, according to vendors Cisco and Genexis. FTTH operator Regge?ber is deploying the ?ber optic network, Internet provider XMS will o?er services, and Cisco and Genexis have been selected to supply the equipment. As demand grows, the bandwidth can easily be increased to 1 Gbps. Cisco will supply its 7609 routers for the central o?ce and its Catalyst 4506 switches for distributing broadband Internet signal to homes in Zeewolde; Genexis, a Netherlands-based company, will supply gigabit home gateways. Peter Kamphuis, Regge?ber’s director of operations, views the launch of the 1 Gbps network as the ?rst step toward a new standard in FTTH networks, saying, “1 Gbps equipment will replace the current 100 Mbps equipment.” Before the end of this year, Regge?ber plans to upgrade its other FTTH networks to the new standard and to introduce 200 Mbps symmetrical service.

TEO, the largest integrated telecom provider in Lithuania, announced its new ZEBRA Internet plan, which o?ers residential customers up to 200 Mbps Internet access services. TEO is deploying ?ber at a rapid pace; its ?ber optic access network currently operates in more than 30 Lithuanian cities and is available to nearly one-third of the country’s residents. More than 62,000 customers are using FTTH-based services today, and TEO expects this number to exceed 100,000 by year-end.

Norsk Fibernett, an association of several ?ber networks in Norway, provides broadband over open-access networks to about 4,000 customers in Oslo, Bergen and ?ve other cities. To consolidate these networks, Norsk Fibernett will use PacketFront’s BECS provisioning and control system, ASR routers and DRG customer-premises equipment. NetNordic, PacketFront’s Norwegian partner, will deliver and implement the solution under a three-year contract. Norsk Fibernett will extend its newly consolidated network with several thousand connections per year and plans to continue building out regional ?ber networks throughout Norway.