Press Release

The State of California Department of Technology and Lumen Technologies are tackling digital inclusion head-on with a multi-billion dollar network investment to bring equitable, high-speed fiber broadband service to Californians.

Under the groundbreaking Broadband for All initiative, the state awarded more than $400 million for closing the digital divide to Lumen whose global network powers connectivity for large enterprises, governments, small businesses, and homeowners alike.

Middle-mile connectivity is critical to digital inclusivity, equity, and affordability because it bridges the gap to the last-mile broadband providers that connect homes and businesses to the internet. Local providers can ensure reliable, high-speed internet service for even the most remote communities when they connect to major networks. Middle-mile infrastructure makes this possible.

“Lumen is incredibly proud to use our network to help the State of California deliver equitable broadband to all,” said Lumen CEO Kate Johnson. “Digital inclusion is critical for the United States to maintain its leading position as a global economic and innovation powerhouse. Bringing high-speed broadband to unserved and underserved locations will accelerate greater and more diverse participation in our education system, the world’s digital economy, and access to high-quality healthcare. It’s great for the people of California, great for the United States, and great for Lumen stakeholders.”

This state investment will bring open-access, middle-mile connectivity to hundreds of California communities by the end of 2026, paving the way for last-mile readiness.