HUNTSVILLE, AL — ADTRAN, a provider of next-generation networking solutions, announced Sonic as the newest addition to its Enabling Communities, Connecting Lives program. ADTRAN’s advanced Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) portfolio is enabling Sonic to deliver its new Gigabit Fiber Internet service to residents in six Northern California communities, including the city of Brentwood. Home to Silicon Valley commuters and families, Sonic expects Gigabit speeds will enhance quality of life in the Brentwood community and promote growth and investment by providing broadband speeds rivaling those found in nearby tech hubs.

Sonic is taking a hands-on approach to driving subscriber interest in the new Gigabit service by providing complimentary Gigabit Fiber Internet to local school districts when a certain percentage of residents sign up. The unique incentive looks to promote long-term innovation in a city surrounded by entrepreneurial competition. According to local teachers, technology is changing the way students are learning in their classrooms. Having faster bandwidth will encourage collaboration with students around the globe, enable more rich media content and allow better utilization of existing technology in the classroom. By offering local schools ultra-fast Internet, Sonic is providing future generations with the tools needed for success.

Greater Bandwidth Enabling Imaginations to Grow
“Our bandwidth issues are limiting the creativity and some of the ideas that our students and teachers have. We’re hopeful greater bandwidth will enable imaginations to grow,” said Eric Volta, superintendent of Liberty Union High School District. “It’s our goal that we can teach students that technology is actually a tool that will help them learn, find the right answers and be more spontaneous in terms of learning.”

“Our customers live in a connected world, and it’s vital we provide them with the bandwidth they need to support all the technology driven activities that take place in their day-to-day lives. Whether it’s creating telecommuting opportunities for our residents or enriched learning capabilities in our local schools, our gigabit fiber Internet service is providing a platform that will allow them to participate in and create the next generation of digital innovation,” said Dane Jasper, CEO of Sonic. “The flexibility and scalability of ADTRAN’s Gigabit service architecture allows us to build better broadband and help our communities stay competitive with the rest of the world.”

“Gigabit broadband is fast becoming a critical element to the financial growth of both the local and national economies and is allowing service providers to play a key role in enabling communities to evolve, change and grow,” said Mitch Fleming, regional vice president, sales, ADTRAN Carrier Network Division. “ADTRAN is committed to ensuring all communities have access to ultra-fast broadband. Our goal is to provide our service provider customers with the support and guidance they need to continue delivering next-generation technologies.”

ADTRAN’s Enabling Communities, Connecting Lives program showcases how innovative technologies are being used in cities, towns and communities across the country to support economic growth and urban development. These communities are using ADTRAN’s world-class Gigabit broadband, Wi-Fi and Cloud service offerings to reinvigorate downtown business and residential districts, connect classrooms with other learning centers around the world, and help attract new companies seeking to relocate out of crowded urban centers.