FORT LEE, NJ — Siklu, a provider of millimeter wave wireless solutions, announced a new 5-gigabit full duplex wireless solution. Operating over the interference-free 70/80GHz bands, the new EtherHaul-5500FD provides a reliable fiber extension solution.

The EtherHaul-5500FD combines several technological advancements to provide robust multi-gigabit throughput in any environment. The full-duplex 5 Gbps capacity is achieved at only 32 QAM modulation, guaranteeing more reliable performance. It provides layer 1 connectivity with an ultra low delay of under 10µSec, making it perfect for aggregation and for high capacity services to businesses and MDU’s. It also achieves an unmatched wireless range due to wider channels, high TX power, and excellent receiver sensitivity.

Operating over the interference-free and uncongested E-band, the EH-5500FD provides the reliable and predictable performance necessary for high performance networks. It can be deployed in dense topologies and at scale due to pencil-width beams and multiple user-selectable channels.

“We’re proud to add this high performance radio to our product line-up,” said Siklu co-founder and chairman Izik Kirshenbaum, “We’ve had numerous pre-orders from ISPs planning to upgrade aggregation links as well as provide higher capacity to MDUs. The combination of high-capacity, high reliability and long range makes the EtherHaul™-5500FD very attractive.”