SAN JOSE, CA — Schurz Communications Group, which includes Antietam Broadband, Hiawatha Broadband Communications, Long Lines Broadband and Orbitel Communications, has selected the Calix Carrier Class Wi-Fi solution to deliver managed Wi-Fi services across its family of broadband service providers. The combination of Calix Support Cloud, GigaCenters, and 804Mesh satellites allows the Schurz service providers to deliver a world class subscriber experience that differentiates their broadband service offerings from the competition.

“Considering the significant investments that we have made in our networks, we need to ensure that each of our residential and business subscribers can enjoy the high speeds that we deliver,” said Tom Williams, vice president of engineering and technology at Schurz Communications. “With Wi-Fi as the dominant technology for connecting broadband devices, our partnership with Calix to deliver Managed Wi-Fi services is essential to our success and ensuring that every subscriber has the best experience available.”

Multiple ISPs Standardize on a Single Solution
With four different service providers coming together as part of the Schurz family of companies, the network architectures and topologies supporting their subscribers vary. However, with Calix Support Cloud and 844E GigaCenters, Schurz has been able to standardize on one solution that supports fiber, copper, hybrid-fiber coax (HFC), and fixed wireless networks. With the ability to provide the same subscriber experience across all of these network types, each service provider can utilize the best technology available while maintaining consistent marketing campaigns, service installation procedures, and customer support processes. As networks are updated to new physical technologies, there is no disruption to subscribers as the 844E remains the primary delivery vehicle for all Wi-Fi services on the subscriber’s premises. This flexibility provides Schurz with capital efficiencies as equipment remains and significant operational efficiencies through uniform training and support practices for both the field technicians and customer support representatives.

“Many of our service provider customers are operating networks that have evolved over time to have a variety of access technologies supporting different locations,” said Skip Hirvela, Calix vice president of sales. “The beauty of the Calix Carrier Class Wi-Fi solution is that it runs independent of the underlying network and enables service providers like those in the Schurz family of companies to deliver the same, subscriber experience to all. With Calix Support Cloud proactively managing each Wi-Fi network, we can help to maintain that experience as new devices and applications are introduced.”