CHICAGO – Rogers Communications Inc., the largest cable operator in Canada, has introduced a high-speed FTTH Internet service with upload and download speeds of 250 Mbps, as reported by Zacks Equity Research. Calls to Rogers to confirm were not answered as of press time.

According to Zachs’ report, the FTTH offering from Rogers is currently the fastest broadband service in Canada. The 250 Mbps offers a 500 GB usage limit and is available only in parts of Toronto and the Atlantic region under the name Rogers Ultimate Fiber Internet. However, Rogers has not confirmed the pricing and expansion of the service as yet.

The deployment of FTTH by Rogers is an improvement on its current DOCSIS 3.0-based Internet service, which provides a maximum upload and download speeds of 10 and 150 Mbps respectively. However, the current 150 Mbps offering provides a monthly data cap of 250 GB and charges $0.50 for each additional gigabyte usage.

Competitive Speeds
In terms of speed Rogers 250 Mbps FTTH-based service matches closely with the largest US cable operator Comcast Corporation’s Metro Ethernet residential broadband, which offers a maximum upload and download speed of 305 Mbps and 65 Mbps.

This superfast Internet service outpaces rival BCE Inc., which offers a similar FTTH based service with a download speed of 175 Mbps. Topping BCE in terms of speed will allow Rogers to compete better with its rival in the Canadian market.