IRVINE, CA — Omnitron Systems, a provider of fiber optic connectivity and Carrier Ethernet demarcation products, announced the launch of the OmniLight family of LGX form factor CWDM and DWDM passive optical products for telecom service providers and cable operators deploying wavelength services. Utilizing standard LGX and high-density half-width LGX form factors the OmniLight family delivers one of the highest port density product families available in the LGX form factor.

The OmniLight product family features an extensive portfolio of CWDM and DWDM multiplexers, de-multiplexers and optical add/drop (OADM) modules for single-mode and multimode applications. Some models feature expansion ports that enable cascading modules for up to 16 channels, pass band ports to overlay existing 1310nm and 1550nm legacy data traffic, and optical time domain reflectometer (OTDR) ports for testing the fiber optic network infrastructure. Single-fiber CWDM models support multiple bidirectional data channels for access or transport networks, or multiple unidirectional data channels for data/video overlay networks.

OmniLight DWDM modules include multi-channel DWDM multiplexer/de-multiplexer modules that support standard ITU-T DWDM channels with 100GHz spacing. They feature expansion ports to increasing capacity to sixteen or twenty-four channels over dual fiber with tap and OTDR ports.

Seamlessly Growing a Fiber Infrastructure
“The OmniLight standard product family is flexible and scalable, enabling users to seamlessly grow their fiber infrastructure by mixing and cascading CWDM and DWDM modules to meet their new wavelength requirements” said Steve Mood, Omnitron’s CTO. “In addition, with our Engineering Services capability we are able to provide specialized and customized wavelength products such as EPON services enabling our customers to meet their unique or non-standard applications.”

OmniLight CWDM and DWDM optical modules are protocol and rate transparent for applications up to 10 Gbps per channel. They support a variety of industry standard fiber connectors and introduce minimal and uniform optical loss to facilitate easy network planning. OmniLight modules can be installed in both head end and remote terminal locations to minimize inventory.

The OmniLight optical family features an OmniLight 3RU chassis and a 1RU rack mount shelf. The 3RU OmniLight Chassis supports 14 standard LGX modules or 28 half-width LGX modules. The 1RU OmniLight Shelf supports three standard LGX modules or six half-width LGX modules. A cable management kit that can be attached to the front of the chassis or shelf for fiber cable routing is available. Both the Chassis and the Rack-Mount Shelf support any combination of standard and half-width OmniLight LGX modules and can be installed in 19- and 23-inch racks.