MANDAN, ND — National Information Solutions Cooperative (NISC), a provider of information technology products and services, has announced the release of SmartHub Order Management and Broadband Measured Service. These solutions continue to build upon the robust iVUE Enterprise System, NISC’s broad, scalable suite of accounting, customer care and billing, and engineering and operations solutions.

SmartHub Order Management Solution
NISC’s SmartHub Order Management solution uses the telecom’s existing website to market services based on service location and fully customizable business rules that accommodate hundreds of bundling configurations. The shopping cart functionality allows telecom customers the ability see their price change in real time as they add and upgrade services, thus reducing the confusion account adjustments can cause. SmartHub Order Management allows the telecom’s website to do the work and redirects your customer service representatives’ time to more critical tasks.

“With the new features in SmartHub Order Management, customers will have the information they need so they can make their choices about what particular types of plans they want or any other changes they want to make to their accounts,” said Brad Quick, information systems manager for Mid-Rivers Telephone Cooperative in Circle, Mont. “They will be able to do that essentially on a 24/7 basis. For us that is important. It just is not enough to have our business office open eight to five Monday through Friday. We need that 24/7 access.”

“Today’s telecom customers want convenient account access, detailed information about their usage and control of their services all day, every day-and telecoms want to increase revenues and up-sell whenever possible,” said Mark Momerak, NISC executive product line manager. “If customers want to upgrade their broadband package before an online gaming party or add another premium channel because it is the season premiere of their favorite series, they can with SmartHub Order Management – and all they need is a web browser and an internet connection. These new tools will lead to greater customer satisfaction in a time where customer retention is of utmost importance.”

Broadband Measured Service
NISC also announced the launch of Broadband Measured Service, a powerful graphing tool that shows telecom customers their hourly, daily and monthly usage. This new solution can help telecoms track and bill overages, as well as help customers truly understand the value of the telecom services they receive.

NISC’s flagship SmartHub solution provides convenient account access and two-way communication from the customer to the telecom online or via Android and iOS mobile devices. Customers can manage payments, notify customer service of account and service issues, check usage and receive special messaging from the telecom all at the touch of a button.

SmartHub and SmartHub Order Management seamlessly integrates with the iVUE Enterprise System. With NISC SwitchTalk2, a provisioning solution, telecoms can immediately turn up the services automatically as the customer requests them. Using all of these solutions together allows telecoms to empower their customers to manage their usage, pay their bills and upgrade their services at their convenience, whether the telcom office is open or not.