BEAVERTON, OR — HomeGrid Forum, an industry alliance that brings together the technology innovators, silicon vendors, system manufacturers and service providers to promote (a globally recognized gigabit home networking technology based on ITU-T standards) and Allion Labs, the organization’s accredited testing house in Taiwan, announced that a new tranche of products has passed the testing required to be awarded HomeGrid Forum’s coveted Certification. The range of products and number of vendors achieving certification are a testament to HomeGrid’s approach that ensures certified products are multi-vendor interoperable even with multi-vendor silicon. These vendors are ARRIS Group, Comtrend Corporation, Prime Electronics and Satellitics Inc., and SendTek Corporation, with a wide range of devices across multiple media.

Four vendors applied for product logo certification and submitted a number of devices for certification testing. The successful products are:

  • ARRIS — SURFboard SBX-1000P Extender
  • Comtrend — Powerline Ethernet + PoE Adapter
  • Prime Electronics — Cable to Ethernet Bridge
  • SendTek — a Coax WiFi Gb Ethernet bridge and a Phoneline WiFi Gb Ethernet Bridge Operates over Any In-home Wire Type
The range of certified products announced illustrates one of the key differentiators — it operates over any in-home wire type. HomeGrid has now certified products for phoneline, wireline and coax, also providing a bridge to Wi-Fi and CATV, thus providing a wide range of backbone home networking choices at Gigabit speeds.

“Our members are being true to their word, bringing their products for testing and achieving certifications, said Abdul Khan, chairman of HomeGrid’s compliance & interoperability working group. No other technology has achieved this level and breadth of certifications, from multi-source silicon to end user products, so quickly in its evolution!” networks are easy to install and support the latest high bandwidth service innovations, for example enabling the flawless room to room distribution of Ultra-HD video. From HD to Ultra HD Video, from 3D to 4K Video – is the any wire answer.