SPARTANBURG, SC — Milliken Infrastructure Solutions launched the Vis brand, a new line of high performance cable management and infrastructure optimization solutions.

The new Vis product lineup includes:

  • Vis Divide, a segmented high-density polyethylene (HDPE) rigid conduit that provides dedicated pathways for the placement of more than one cable in a single conduit without damaging the cables
  • Vis Tape, an industrial-grade pull tape featuring long-lasting print legibility and durability, print length accuracy and soft feel.

“In our Vis products, we’ve combined over 150 years of innovation with Milliken’s long and successful history with providing practical solutions for infrastructure challenges. The result is a product line that addresses the modern demands in telecommunications and power cable installation and management,” said Dale Willis, vice president for Milliken Infrastructure Solutions. “Vis Divide and Vis Tape make the deployment of cables significantly easier while offering solutions that will help to reduce cost on every project.”

Multiple Cables in a Single Conduit
Vis Divide offers a distinct advantage over other HDPE conduits by allowing for the placement of multiple cables into a single conduit. Vis Divide includes a fabric divider molded directly into the conduit that provides operators deployment flexibility and efficiency—optimizing network infrastructure space and easing cable replacement. By maximizing capacity—thus requiring fewer conduits on a job—Vis Divide also helps to lower long-term costs of projects by reducing operational costs, including boring/trenching, transportation and replacement.

Like all Milliken products, Vis Divide offers long-lasting reliability. Vis Divide conforms to ASTM F-2160 and ASTM D-3350 standards and specifications. The product is currently available in a 1.5” DR 11, 2 cell configuration, but additional sizes and cell configurations are planned line extensions.

MPrint Technology
Vis Tape was designed using Milliken’s MPrint technology, an entirely new process, which results in an print durability and legibility standard for measurements and other markings. Installers can rely on Milliken’s process for creating Vis Tape’s highly accurate print lengths—with sequential markings every two feet—to ensure cable runs are correct each and every pull. Vis Tape’s non-abrasive coating also helps to prevent conduit damage during cable installations.

Milliken’s Vis Tape features an ultra-soft feel for their durable tape, which eliminates the rigidness commonly found in other tapes and ropes. Vis Tape is manufactured with low elongation properties to reduce snap backs, providing a safer alternative to pull ropes. Milliken’s Vis Tape is available in a standard and detectable version in a variety of tensile strengths, ranging from 1,130 to 2,500 pounds.