FREMONT, CA — Ikanos Communications, a provider of advanced broadband semiconductor and software products for the connected home, announced Traffic Analyzer, a powerful new capability of the company’s inSIGHT Broadband eXperience Manager (BXM), Ikanos’ innovative diagnostics and analytics software solution. Traffic Analyzer enables service providers and their subscribers to easily monitor the subscriber’s broadband usage directly from the gateway and to set custom alerts, such as signaling when broadband data limits are reached. It also allows for per-device traffic monitoring and management for any device on the home network serviced by the gateway. Traffic Analyzer has already been successfully deployed by a leading North American carrier to manage Internet usage since June 2014.

Putting the Subscriber in Control
With the new Traffic Analyzer from Ikanos, consumers will have the ability to monitor which devices in their home use the most data and can adjust usage to avoid additional charges. Parents can also apply parental controls to devices in the home, to limit or restrict internet access on certain devices. This real-time monitoring of gateway traffic is powered by inSIGHT Broadband eXperience Manager software, which resides on the home gateway. In addition to hosting Traffic Analyzer, inSIGHT BXM, which was first introduced in June 2013, leverages the advanced diagnostic features of the Ikanos Fusiv chipset to enable carriers to proactively identify the cause of common wiring faults and noise interference problems. This in turn translates to reduced operating expenses from the decrease in the number of service calls and truck rolls, as well as improved customer retention.

“Market interest in our inSIGHT BXM diagnostics and analytics solution has been tremendous,” said Andy Weitzner, director of marketing at Ikanos. “Carriers have been asking us to expand its capabilities to multi-mode gateways for use in FTTH, LTE and MSO broadband services. We designed Traffic Analyzer around the expressed requirements of carriers for functionality that would put the subscriber back in control and drive increased customer loyalty.”

Additionally, the increasing demand for bandwidth driven by the popularity of high resolution video applications, and the rising number of internet-connected devices in the home has led several carriers and ISPs in North America to implement data caps. With Traffic Analyzer, customers can view how much data they have used during the current billing cycle and an estimate of how much data they will need, as well as to set alerts to notify them when they are approaching their plan limit. Traffic Analyzer alerts a customer when he is approaching his data limit, and can also help the customer determine if his broadband plan is consistent with his monthly data usage.