ROCKFORD, IL — Greenlee Communications has introduced Mini fiberTOOLS, the newest addition to its fiber optic installation and maintenance tools line. Small, lightweight and rugged, Mini fiberTOOLS are designed to be used in demanding environments. The tools include optical light sources (OLS), optical power meters (OPM) and video inspection scopes.

Durable, compact and adaptable, the lasers and LED’s provide stable sources of light and are able to interface to all industry standard connectors. The optical power meters can precisely measure optical powers down to -60dBm and provide convenient downloadable measurements for easy reporting.

The video inspection scopes’ unique focusing mechanism allows for convenient single-handed operation. The GVIS 400-HDP Video Inspection Scope is equipped with industry leading field of view that allows the technician to view and analyze outside all zones of the ferrule endface, and is equipped with automatic Pass/Fail analysis software compliant to IEC 61300-3-35 standards. Live images and data can be transmitted through USB or Wi-Fi to smart phones and tablets from the GVIS 400-HDP probe via the GPAD 250 for analysis in the GVIS application utilizing Andriod platforms. The GVIS application will also be available soon for Windows and iOS platforms.