CHESSINGTON, UK — Fujikura Europe, a provider of connectivity and splicing technology, unveiled its new Hybrid FAST + Maintenance Free Cleaver (MFC) solution.

“The new hybrid FAST + MFC solution was created to negate the variance in the skill sets of FTTH subscriber installation teams, which vary from country to country globally. Not only is the new hybrid connectors’ performance great on correctly cleaved fibers, but it can also perform well on poorly cleaved fibres,” said Brian Leonard, product manager of connectivity & cleaning solutions at Fujikura Europe. “The solution offers lower CAPEX and OPEX, thanks to the cleaver being offered for free within the solution and due to the FAST connectors’ improved reliability and repeatability, which results in a lower need for subscriber remedial work.”

Connectors Supplied
As the MFC is supplied with the connectors, no investment in expensive high precision cleave tools (which require periodical maintenance and can also be lost or stolen) is needed. Furthermore, if working with 250µm fiber, a free stripping tool can be supplied as part of the installers kit, meaning that — apart from basic cable entry tools and fiber cleaning — no other tools are required.

The combination of solid state index matching gum and index matching gel significantly reduces the chance of contamination impeding signals and fiber damage due to excess insertion force. Additionally, this combination reduces the chance of poor Insertion Loss (IL)/ Return Loss (RL) which are caused by poor cleave condition when not using the MFC. As the solution is also based on a holder system, it further reduces the chance of remedial work due to incorrect cleave length and insertion force, among other factors, meaning more correct customer connections first time.

The Hybrid FAST + MFC is also lightweight, compact, easy-to-use, and features an extremely repeatable good end face cleave condition as well as a carry case design which prevents storage of the fiber clamp in the engaged position.