ROCHESTER, NY — Fibertech Networks, a provider of fiber-based network services throughout mid-size cities in the Eastern and Central regions of the United States, has been awarded a $1 million grant from the State of Delaware to significantly expand its current network footprint in Delaware and help be a conduit to increase broadband access in rural areas within the state.

“Online tools and resources exponentially increase the possibilities to advance education, careers, business growth, and public safety, which means better quality of life and a stronger economy,” said Delaware Governor Jack Markell. “But that also means there is a clear dividing line in today’s society between those who have access to high-speed broadband and those who don’t.”

Moving Toward Universal Broadband Access
“In a 21st century economy, we can only ensure all Delawareans have opportunities to reach their potential if everyone has access to these services, so despite our recent success in expanding access, we won’t be satisfied until that is the case. I congratulate Fibertech on this grant award and thank them for their work to further our state’s mission of universal broadband access.”

Currently, Fibertech operates more than 300 miles of fiber optic network throughout Delaware, from Wilmington through Dover, Georgetown and into Millsboro. The company will build upon this significant investment through this grant to further expand its network, building approximately 18 miles of new network to Seaford in the west and approximately 18 miles of new network to Lewes on the east. Both network segments will connect in Georgetown and therefore offer connectivity to Fibertech’s existing network infrastructure running through Kent and New Castle Counties with further connectivity to Philadelphia, New Jersey and Baltimore.

Bringing More Affordable Broadband to Businesses
“The open-access network and investments we have made in Delaware have long helped bring more affordable broadband to businesses in New Castle and Kent counties,” said Mike Hurley, Sr. vice president of sales and marketing for Fibertech. “We look forward to bringing these same capabilities to Sussex County and other areas. This project will facilitate building a transparent and agile infrastructure for state and local government that at the same time enhances modern commerce and increase regional competitiveness for businesses and underserved sectors.”

Fibertech’s service offering encompasses both dark fiber and optical broadband options to area businesses that have predominately used traditional carrier lines in the past. The company’s complete optical solutions portfolio of services includes private line connections ranging in speeds from T1 to OC-192; point-to-point and multi-point Ethernet service in speeds ranging from 10 Mbps to 100 Gbps; dedicated Internet access; DWDM; and collocation for fast communication between multiple locations.

Fibertech offers network services to education, healthcare, government and financial institutions, along with and other large and medium-size businesses looking to meet demands for data and broadband connectivity. Fibertech extends its fiber optic network directly into business locations, allowing them to internally deploy a wide range of advanced telecommunications applications. Organizations can benefit from the added scalability and control inherent in a new fiber network.