PHILADELPHIA – Comcast announced that it is the nation’s largest provider of gigabit broadband, with the ultra-fast Xfinity gigabit internet and Comcast Business Gigabit services now available to nearly all of the company’s 58 million businesses and homes in 39 states and the District of Columbia. This deployment represents the fastest roll out of gigabit speeds to the most locations in the country.

“Our unmatched gig-speed network is the backbone of our success in business services – particularly among our highest growth segment, Fortune 500 enterprises. Comcast Business can provide multi-gig speeds to anyone in our footprint – whether a distributed enterprise with locations across the country or a small business with only a handful of locations,” said Bill Stemper, president, Comcast Business. “But we’re taking our customers beyond fast. We’re building and deploying Gig-fueled innovations that deliver benefits like Connection Pro for reliability or ActiveCore SDN for network simplification – enabling businesses to do more things, in more places, with consistent performance.”

Comcast Business Gigabit
The business applications of gigabit speeds can range from faster access to large files, videos, images, reports, invoices, and records to more simultaneous capacity for data-intensive cloud-based apps, services, and backups. Comcast Business Gigabit service enables Comcast Business to deploy gigabit service more widely across its existing network and reach more customers.

Xfinity xFi
Residential customers are also benefiting from the nation’s largest gig-speed network. Comcast’s residential broadband service is powered and controlled by Xfinity xFi, a digital dashboard that personalizes, monitors and manages WiFi connected devices in the home. Consumers now can add xFi Pods, small, easy to install extenders that plug into any electrical outlet, pairs with xFi Wireless Gateways, and help customers create a mesh network that extends coverage to hard-to-reach areas of their home.

“Comcast continues to offer an unmatched internet experience that combines gigabit speeds with wall-to-wall WiFi, personalized tools and controls, and enough capacity to stay ahead of tomorrow’s innovations,” said Dana Strong, President of Consumer Services, Comcast. “We’ve built an innovative high-speed data platform that combines speed, coverage and control features and really sets our broadband experience apart from the competition.”

Outside the home, Xfinity Internet customers also have access to more than 19 million WiFi hotspots, so they can stay connected on the go at no additional cost. Installation is easy and requires no special construction or digging up lawns. In many cases, customers don’t need a service visit, as the broadband equipment comes with a simple self-installation kit.