FORT LAUDERDALE, FL – Clearfield, the specialist in fiber management and connectivity platforms for communications providers, announced the FieldShield Hardened Pushable Connector Y-Adapter, expanding the FieldShield Product line offering. Optimized for use with FieldShield Microduct and Pushable Fiber, the newly released FieldShield Y-Adapter broadens Clearfield’s ability to simplify FTTH installations.

The FieldShield Y-Adapter reduces initial FTTH fiber build out costs by allowing the provider to distribute a two-fiber plug-and-play solution in a single microduct pathway to a dedicated service access point along the customer lot line. The FieldShield Y-Adapter is deployed in two stages, the Adapter Kit and Turn-up Kit. The FieldShield Bulkhead Kit provides a LC adapter in a small re-enterable bulkhead, which can be direct buried or deployed fully ready for future deployment in an OSP access enclosure of choice. When customer service requires turn-up, the FieldShield Service Turn-Up Kit completes the protected sealed housing, accepting up to two FieldShield LC drop cables which can be deployed independently.

Minimal Neighborhood Disruption
“Building the access-ready only portion of the network in both greenfield and brownfield environments greatly minimizes the disruption impact on a neighborhood while maximizing the service providers people and resources during the construction process,” points out Johnny Hill, chief operating officer for Clearfield. “Because the solution is plug n’ play, the post construction phase of subscriber turn-up is a de-skilled one that reduces the cost of deployment and improves service turn-up time.”

Easy Access from Below Grade Enclosure

An environmentally sealed housing, which includes an outer and inner collar, inner housing, grommet and plug, allows for drops to be placed above or below ground in the harshest of environments. Easily accessed from the below grade enclosure of choice, the FieldShield Y-Adapter provides the components to split a FieldShield Dual LC drop cable into two simplex LC cables. If a network has limited fiber available, the Y-Adapter allows the FieldShield Multiport SmarTerminal configured with a 1 x 16 splitter to be fed with a single fiber.

With a FieldShield Microduct completing the pathway to the customer premise, a FieldShield Pushable Drop Cable enables lower installation costs by reducing costly labor in the field and presents a reliable, consistent and guaranteed performance level. Should the microduct be cut for any reason, a simple coupler and pushable fiber restores service with limited interruption or inconvenience. Providing a simple restoration plan ensures network operability for the gigabit future.