ROLLING MEADOWS, IL — Charles Industries, a provider of enclosed solutions for communications service providers, has introduced a new line of indoor equipment, power and battery cabinets for DAS, Small Cell and Wi-Fi radio equipment. The CUBE-ID6 Series of indoor cabinets provides security, concealment, and versatility for remote radio head (RRH) installations whether they are in data centers, central offices, IT rooms, or remote electrical closet locations.

Achieving Network Densification
As wireless networks continue to become more efficient, add higher capacity, manage more subscriber traffic and seek to improve the subscriber experience, both indoor and outdoor small cells, DAS and Wi-Fi deployments are growing worldwide to achieve network densification. The significant continuous growth of data traffic has spurred the need for heterogeneous network (HetNet) deployments, integrating a wide spectrum of advanced broadband mobile technologies by complementing macro cells with small cells and dedicated indoor solutions. These HetNet solutions can predominantly be seen in dense urban areas; public venues such as stadiums, airports, convention centers, and hospitality sites; and private enterprise real estate.

Configurable Flexible Cabinet Solutions
The continuous evolution of mesh mobile networks has created the need for configurable cabinet solutions that offer flexibility in cabinet size, rack unit (RU) count, and proper ventilation. All equipment must be secure, concealed, and properly fit into an aesthetically pleasing cabinet solution, which may be located in head-end rooms, colocations, electrical and IT closets, or dispersed through buildings at remote radio and fiber distribution points. The CUBE-ID6 Series meets these requirements by providing solutions with 18RU to 45RU of equipment storage space, optional integrated power or UPS power back-up, and many customizable features allowing technicians to meet virtually any indoor RRH placement scenario.

Distinguishing features of the CUBE-ID6 Series include a welded galvanized steel frame with powder coated black finish, vented design with optional 2-fan module kits and two thermostats for thermal regulation, front and rear removable doors with security hinges, and removable flush side and top panels. A variety of ancillary kits offer technicians the ability to add user-friendly features including slanted and vented equipment shelves, laptop slide out trays, custom bracketing for various RRH small cell radios, fiber management patch termination rack-mountable shelves, battery or UPS power back-up compartments, cable raceways and interior lighting.