PHILADELPHIA, PA – Campus Apartments, one of the nation’s largest privately held student housing companies, wasn’t content with giving students hassle-free 100 Mbps Internet service in their rooms and accepting payments via mobile text messages. Now it has introduced SmartClick Mobile, a free application that is an extension to its SmartClick Web portal, allowing residents to pay rent and submit service requests from an iPhone or Android mobile phone. This first mobile application in the student housing industry was made available to residents in November and has already secured early adopters.

Campus Apartments sought to support its residents with practical features, such as automated monthly rent, credit card payments and even maintenance requests. The company thought that offering function and convenience to current residents took priority over features such as mobile application forms that would be of interest only to prospective residents.

Andrew Marshall, chief information officer of Campus Apartments, says, “We recognize that residents of student housing, more than residents of any other sector of the multifamily housing industry, demand the most advanced technology amenities. Our goal is to exceed our residents’ expectations, and we do this by pioneering services not yet available in the student housing market.”

Campus Apartments may have pioneered the first student housing application, but it also answered residents’ need for a convenient way to pay rent on the go. “Our residents can continue texting, gaming and shopping without ever stopping to pay their rent because our application allows them to do so from the palm of their hand,” Marshall adds.