COLOGNE, GERMANY – Aurora Networks, Inc., an optical access solution provider for cable operators, announced the release of its optical beat interference (OBI)-free RFoG solution.

Through its optical upstream signal conditioning, the OBI-free RFoG solution makes rolling out higher data in the upstream much more feasible and practical for operators. As a result, operators are able to maximize the benefits of DOCSIS 3.0 technology and ultimately provide subscribers with a higher level of service. In addition, Aurora Networks’ OBI-free RFoG solution is the first and only standards-compliant solution that meets the complete RFoG SCTE specification. This means that once operators deploy the OBI-free RFoG solution, they will still be able to introduce PON services to their network in the future over just one fiber.

RFoG was first introduced in 2006. However, as operators continue to add more subscribers to their networks, channel bonding in the upstream, DOCSIS 3.0 technology, the RFoG network performance has been greatly impacted. The initial OBI-free solution is optimized for multiple dwelling units (MDUs), which support multiple customers from a single device. As operators roll out higher data in the upstream to more subscribers and offer higher data speeds, they are creating the perfect conditions for OBI – particularly in an MDU environment.