OMAHA, NB — eX2 Technology, a single source solution for those seeking to build, scale or upgrade their communications infrastructure, announced an agreement with OnLight Aurora, a community fiber internet service provider and an Illinois not-for-profit serving the City of Aurora and parts of Kane and DuPage counties, to commercialize the communications infrastructure assets owned by both OnLight Aurora and Kane County.

OnLight Aurora, a municipal network, is a highly secure and reliable fiber network that offers dark fiber and symmetrical internet bandwidth from a 100 percent underground fiber backbone. The network architecture comprises a 10 gig metro Ethernet fiber infrastructure that offers cost-effective fiber connection options, including self-healing rings, point-to-point, DWDM lit services and dark fiber.

Tapping Fiber Network for New Source of Revenue
“By commercializing OnLight Aurora’s untapped communications capacity, we are helping the City of Aurora establish a new source of revenue that may potentially increase the return of its initial capital investment,” said Jim Kawamoto, president and chief financial officer, eX² Technology. “It’s the citizens of Aurora that will ultimately benefit from a successfully executed marketing program.”

eX² Technology services will include marketing and leasing dark fiber, conduit, laterals and network access points on an open market basis.
“Our goal is to foster economic development and organizational collaboration throughout the city and the region,” said Keith L. Gerald, executive director, OnLight Aurora. “By offering access to the OnLight Aurora network at competitive prices, we are minimizing market entry barriers and providing broadband connectivity opportunities for businesses, Internet service providers, carriers and more.”