PARIS – Fifteen out of every 100 smartphones are returned because consumers
can’t figure out how to make them work. In two-thirds of these cases, there’s nothing wrong with the phones themselves – customers just need more help setting up the phones than providers are offering. Experiences with other types of connected devices are similar. Clearly, service providers are missing a lot of revenue opportunities.

To help service providers help customers, Alcatel-Lucent launched new software and services centered on improving consumers’ experiences with smartphones, tablets and other connected devices. The new portfolio, called Motive Customer Experience Solutions (CXS), is designed to address consumer experience proactively, helping service providers manage their customer relationships while reducing their support costs.

About the Motive CXS Portfolio
The Motive CXS portfolio is made up of four solution suites:

1. Motive CX Management is focused on getting new devices, applications and services up and running quickly by simplifying their introduction on the network, managing upgrades and service modifications, and providing a consistent, low-hassle experience for customers. This is an expansion of Alcatel-Lucent’s original Motive offering, which allowed service providers to manage home-networking devices using the TR-069 protocol. Many other features have now been added – for example, a tool that allows customer service agents to see real-time information relevant to customer experience, such as dropped calls and email configuration. Easy access to this information can allow many more customer problems to be resolved on the first call.

2. Motive CX Analytics provides monitoring tools that track the performance of the devices, applications and services running on the network. These tools — which leverage unique algorithms developed by Bell Labs — provide key insights and dashboards that infer overall customer experience and allow for detailed customer experience insights.

3. Motive CX Optimization lets service providers use historical data about customers, devices, applications and the network to examine trends, experiences and usage patterns — segmented by types of users — and take accurate and proactive actions with yield management and loyalty.

Greg Owens, director of customer experience solutions marketing for Alcatel-Lucent, explains: “Based on their economic situation or time of life, customers may want different things from a service provider. So when we see usage patterns changing, we can make targeted offers. Say the customer just turned 19 and changed his address to a place near a university – we can offer him a package that has more value to him as a customer and is better for the service provider.”

4. CX Consulting consists of a dedicated team that — using a patent-pending methodology — identifies opportunities to improve the wide range of customer experience touch points within a service provider organization. According to Owens, the consulting service is vendor-agnostic and represents competing solutions in addition to Motive.