LOWELL, MA and SPARTANBURG, SC – AFL has introduced the NOYES FLX380 FlexTester3 series of handheld, broadband network OTDRs that provide a combination of high dynamic range at short dead zones enabling better performance when testing through a PON splitter. Built with AFL’s patented ServiceSafe technology, FlexTester3 models are designed for broadband optical network installation verification, network activation and in-service or out-of-service maintenance troubleshooting.

“Broadband is all about bandwidth,” explains Michael Scholten, senior product marketing manager for AFL’s NOYES test and inspection division. “Whether the end-user connection is fiber, copper or wireless, bandwidth demand is driving more fiber deployment–direct to homes in FTTH networks, closer to homes to support faster DSL connections, to cell towers (mobile backhaul) and even to the antenna (FTTA).

Scholten continues, “Compared to metro or long-haul networks, broadband access networks are typically shorter with more closely-spaced splices, connectors and access points. Splitters introduce high loss into PONs, requiring both high dynamic range and high resolution with short dead zones. The new FlexTester3 optimizes dynamic range and provides the short dead zone performance needed to make these measurements accurately.”

The FlexTester3 combines an OTDR, optical light source, optical power meter and visual fault locator in a rugged, hand-held unit that ensures technicians have the test tools needed when installing, activating or troubleshooting optical networks. Enhanced event analysis software and advanced capabilities such as automatic macrobend and splitter event detection and Bluetooth connectivity, establish the FLX380 FlexTester3 as the industry’s smallest, most powerful and feature-packed OTDR.

Its all-in-one design includes:

  • Patented ServiceSafe capability to prevent users from initiating service-disrupting 1310 nm or 1550 nm OTDR tests on a live PON, while permitting dark fiber OTDR tests, out-of-band live fiber OTDR tests and PON power measurements from a single port
  • Integrated Wave ID optical source and power meter that eliminates insertion loss wavelength setup errors and reduces insertion loss test time up to 80 percent
  • Integrated visual fault locator to pinpoint breaks or macrobends in splice closures, cabinets and access points
  • Instant On power-up
  • Over 12 hours continuous testing without battery replacement or recharge

FlexTester3 PRO kits bundle a user-selected FlexTester3 with the FOCIS PRO connector inspection system and cleaning supplies in a waterproof, hard shell carry case. FlexTester3 complete kits add an optical fiber identifier and 150 m launch cable to create an even more complete and cost-effective optical test solution.

Designed to address test challenges faced by users around the world, the FLX380 supports over a dozen languages in a lightweight, rugged package coupled with a high-contrast display providing perfect visibility in direct sunlight and dimly lit interiors. All FlexTester3 kits include AFL’s Windows-compatible TRM 2.0 Basic Test Results Manager analysis and report generation software.