SPARTANBURG, SC – AFL, a provider of fiber optic cable, accessories and equipment, introduced a small diameter interconnect cable based on the MicroCore product line. The new MicroCore Interconnect Cable boasts one of the smallest diameters in the market, offering improved density for short distance interconnects. The diameter of the 12-fiber cable has been reduced by 30 percent and the 24-fiber cable has been reduced by 20 percent. To minimize the cable’s diameter, multiple colored 250-μm fibers and aramid strands are packaged in a high-performance jacket.

“Matching this design to connector hardware that is available in standard configurations from connector manufacturers was a key to the overall design concept,” stated Doug Baker, commercial manager for premise and enterprise cables at AFL. “Customers can take off-the-shelf connector solutions and apply them to this cable design without having to build or source custom components.”