GREIFSWALD, GERMANY – ADTRAN Inc., a provider of next-generation networking solutions, announced the addition of system-level vectoring to its broadband portfolio. By eliminating crosstalk, vectoring increases potential bandwidth on VDSL2 lines. This enables service providers to use their existing infrastructure to deliver ultra-broadband services, including premium entertainment services and Internet access up to 200 Mbps (assuming two-pair bonding at each home).

ADTRAN’s existing customers, which have more than 100,000 multiservice access nodes and 100,000 small-form-factor DSLAM sites in place, can now upgrade their services without major overhauls to their existing infrastructure.

Drivers for Adoption of Vectoring Solutions
Telcos are demanding converged solutions to deliver consumer and business services over the same access networks; at the same time, they must also offer speeds competitive with cable DOCSIS 3.0-enabled networks while containing costs.

They are deploying FTTH to a portion of their subscriber base, but they still need a solution to serve the remaining customers, including those in the most rural service areas. VDSL2 vectoring uses crosstalk cancellation, an advanced DSL transmission technology that improves subscriber bandwidth by up to 90 percent.