NEW YORK – Verizon is poised to roll out Fios Instant Internet, a new broadband service with equal upload and download speeds of 750 Mbps, enough to handle whatever demands a home or business full of connected devices can throw at it without compromising the performance of any one of them. The service will be availableto nearly seven million homes and businesses in greater New York City/northern New Jersey, Philadelphia and Richmond, with more to follow in 2017.

Bandwidth for Many Connections and Applications
The average American home had seven or eight connected devices in 2016 – an increase of 64 percent over 2015. As data use skyrockets and the number of connected devices continues to grow rapidly, Fios Instant Internet can handle the demands of today’s technologies while future-proofing for the growing demands of tomorrow.

Home users will experience a noticeable difference from streaming to gaming and surfing as the speed, reliability and bandwidth of Fios Instant Internet allow each user to connect multiple devices and continue their own online activities. Businesses with multiple employees using the Internet, uploading or downloading large files, hosting servers or using other high bandwidth applications such as video conferencing, will also see significantly faster speeds and can improve their productivity by getting work done faster.

Ongoing Expansion of Fios Instant Internet
After the initial launch in greater New York City/northern New Jersey, Philadelphia and Richmond, Fios Instant Internet will be available in portions of Boston and Norfolk later in the first quarter. Priced for consumers at $149.99 a month for standalone service and $169.99 a month for a triple-play bundle with TV and landline phone voice service, it’s the Internet service for everyone who needs speed or lots of connections at the same time.