RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC — With the number of fiber installations growing faster than the number of trained technicians, deployers are seeking installation methods that take less time to learn and less time to execute. One approach in particular – the Multifiber Pull Off (MPO) connector – has been rapidly gaining acceptance in the last few years. These connectors are beginning to appear on a wide variety of fiber cables and panels. Now the first MPO fusion splice connector for customized, on-site, round cord loose tube cable and patch cord terminations has been announced by Sumitomo Electric Lightwave, a leader in fiber optic product manufacturing.

The Lynx2-MPO addresses the need for faster and easier terminations, upgrades, repairs and restorations in many settings: data centers, enterprise networks, outside plant, OEM, central office, FTTx, and other fiber optic network applications. It also supports the optical fiber density and scalability required for 40G and 100G transmission rates. Sumitomo says the Lynx2-MPO is the first nonmechanical MPO field-installable connector and is compliant with EIA/TIA-604-5, also known as FOCIS 5 and IEC-61754-7.

Fiber Terminations in Under Five Minutes
This 12-fiber connector allows technicians to complete full terminations in less than five minutes, including a streamlined ribbonizing process. The connector is offered in both genders and includes the outer housing, MT ferrule subassembly, rear housing with boot, and spring mechanism. Combining the reliability of the fusion splice with the factory-tested MPO connector, the Lynx2-MPO for loose tube exceeds industry average performance.

Like Sumitomo’s Lynx2-MPO for optical ribbon fiber, the Lynx2-MPO for round cord loose tube applications allows technicians to make permanent terminations with the exact cable length. This on-site customization eliminates the risk of shorts and slack as well as the logistical delays associated with preterminated cables and pigtails. Unlike preterminated cable, which must be returned to the factory for repair, the Lynx2-MPO splice-on process expedites on-site repairs and restorations with quick connector replacement. And from an environmental perspective, the connector eliminates waste and excess slack cable that may restrict air flow in racks and panels, while preserving valuable space in other network applications.

All Lynx2 fusion splice-on connectors offer the full media types required for single-mode and 62.5µm, 50 µm, and 50 µm laser optimized gigabit multimode fiber types in all industry standard polishing options.