ELLETTSVILLE, IN — Reflecting its ongoing commitment to innovative communication services, Smithville, Indiana’s largest independent telecom company, has developed and changed its brand identity to Smithville Fiber effective immediately. “It’s clear that fiber optics is Smithville’s platform of the future, and it’s also clear that Smithville currently holds some decisive technology advantages over our other Indiana competitors,” explained Darby A. McCarty, president and CEO. “After careful thought, we have decided to change the overall brand of our company to Smithville Fiber. This new brand and look will help position the forward-looking nature of Smithville as we continue to expand into new markets and upgrade our services for existing customers.”

Smithville’s fiber-based GigaCity technology features 1,000 Mbps up and down in a wireless format, which presently represents Indiana’s fastest Internet. The company is currently building Indiana’s first true GigaCity in Jasper, and is also expanding GigaCity service to Danville and neighborhoods in Bloomington. One of the first communications companies to embrace fiber, Smithville built its first fiber ring at the turn of the century in 2000, and later began a $100 million fiber build in 2009 to residential areas. Smithville Fiber’s continuing commitment to fiber-based communications innovation has earned it a Top 100 broadband national ranking several years in a row.

Working to better reflect its 21st century service offerings, Smithville first started the rebranding process two years ago with the addition of “Communications” to the company’s corporate name, and furthered it last year with the renaming of Smithville’s retail store in Bloomington to Technology Powered by Smithville. “Even though we still have a number of copper-based customers, our fiber-to-the-cabinet project demonstrates our continuing commitment to fiber conversion,” McCarty added. “Any new Smithville expansion projects, such as the Blue Ridge Estates development in Bloomington, will be fiber based. Over the past few months we’ve worked closely with MEK, our marketing firm, to collaboratively develop this new brand, new brand images, and logos. Several options were considered and revised. We will be keeping our service names and brands—such as Smithville Security—but with new brand looks.”