JERICHO, NY – Lightpath, a provider of Ethernet-based communication solutions for New York metropolitan area businesses, announced its work with North Bergen, New Jersey-based Palisades Medical Center to help the hospital expand patient care beyond its physical location. As a result, it is keeping doctors remotely connected to tests, scans and records, and improving care for patients. The hospital has been able to achieve this improved reach and connectivity while maintaining network security, reliability and speed.

Palisades Medical Center is a 202-bed hospital facility that serves more than 400,000 residents throughout Hudson County and Bergen County. Its 1,300 employees support the organization’s continued efforts to deliver excellent patient care that is driven, in part, by the latest telecommunications services running over a 100-percent fiber network from Lightpath.

Anywhere Connectivity for Always There Care
“We are constantly focused on ensuring that any patient visiting our facility, day or night, receives the absolute best care that we can offer,” said Gary Mignone, director of communications, Palisades Medical Center. “Our ongoing work with Lightpath is driving continued advancements in how we’re able to serve our patients, no matter where our doctors may be located at a given moment.”

Palisades Medical Center has deployed Internet Voice Bundle, an E-Line dedicated point-to-point connection and Dedicated Internet Access Line from the Lightpath Healthcare Services Suite to improve connectivity within and beyond its main physical location. The services support a virtual desktop environment that allows doctors to connect to the hospital’s network from anywhere in the world using a PC, tablet or smartphone device. This powers 24/7 connectivity to all hospital applications, patient records and access to radiology images immediately after they are taken, resulting in low patient diagnosis times. All applications and data are hosted on-site utilizing the bandwidth provided by Lightpath, enabling the hospital’s IT organization to focus on internal systems versus remote support at various off-site locations. The high-speed, reliable and secure connections also helped Palisades Medical Center move its patient billing office to a new location while maintaining the same voice and data connectivity for a seamless patient experience. Additional available bandwidth is being used to support patient and guest WiFi-based Internet access.

“Our healthcare customers are navigating a complex and ever-changing environment, always working to balance advancements in technology use with industry regulations that ensure patient protections,” said Lacey Ford, vce president of marketing, Lightpath. “At Lightpath, we work closely with our customers to understand how we can help them thrive by overcoming challenges and meeting new opportunities.”

As Palisades Medical Center plans its technology roadmap, it is evaluating technologies to securely connect more providers to its data and remotely communicate with patients about their care before and after their visit, streamlining the healthcare experience and making it more effective and efficient.