SAN DIEGO, CA – Fiber optic product supplier OFS announced the EZ-Bend Bundled MDU Cabling System, which replaces traditional indoor riser and drop systems with an exterior solution that the company says can reduce installation labor hours by as much as 60 percent.  The use of a factory-manufactured integrated assembly eliminates both the creation of an indoor pathway and the terminations between backbone and drop cable.

EZ-Bend Bundled MDU Cabling System assemblies are made with five or six EZ-Bend 4.8 millimeter indoor/outdoor cables stranded around a messenger cable that can be secured to either the roof or the base of the building.  Each cable is shipped with an angled SC connector under an outdoor-rated protective covering in a 20-foot coil of excess cable at the terminated end.  Connectors are positioned at distances equal to the floor spacing on most multifloor residential structures.  This compact design blends seamlessly with the exterior metallic cabling systems that have been deployed on many buildings and therefore does not diminish the aesthetics of the MDU.