ELK RIVER, MN – Marketbroadband.com is offering a tailored marketing program for COS Service Zones’ demand aggregation campaigns.

“COS Service Zones is a powerful platform to generate demand for broadband by dividing the intended service area into neighborhood zones, with a take-rate target for the neighbors to try to reach. The neighborhoods are defined by zones on the map with distinct borders. We have been working with GIS-based marketing for many years and that is why this cooperation between us and COS Systems is such a great fit,” says Lorex CEO Ken Janc. Lorex is the company behind MarketBroadband.com.

Using GIS Shapefiles to Extract Addresses
When doing a mail-based campaign you are normally directed to either ZIP codes or postal routes. Using any of these methods to send your marketing material out means you might inadvertently send it to those you aren’t even intending to build out your network to service. Not only does this incur extra cost, it will also get the hopes up among people you’re not planning to serve. To avoid this, MarketBroadband.com has ways to instead use GIS shapefiles to extract the residential as well as business addresses within the defined borders of the area. This is done at the address-level, so your mail campaign will be precisely targeting the area and the people you want to reach. You are not paying for more than you need.

Working with Marketbroadband.com
“For COS Service Zones customers working with Marketbroadband.com, the process is extremely easy. Just let our support team know that you are working with MarketBroadband.com and we will make sure they get all the necessary files for the neighborhood zones. Then you simply direct MarketBroadband.com as to which neighborhoods that you want to target with your mailer. It’s even possible to take the standard reports from service zones with already signed up customers and send to Ken’s team if doing a second mailer. They will then remove those addresses from the mailing list and your even more targeted in your mail-out and minimizing costs, “ says Bjorn Wannman, Manager Partnerships and Strategic Accounts at COS systems.

In addition to pinpointing mail campaigns, Marketbroadband.com can provide all relevant marketing material for a full campaign, including magnetic banners for installation machinery, the perfect marketing for a broadband buildout since it’s something no one misses. Yard signs, banners and other printed material that you might need are also available from MarketBroadband, “We do our design and printing in-house, so we are flexible and fast,” says Ken Janc.

“With COS Service Zones you want to engage with the local champions, grassroots who are willing to help you rally their neighbors to sign up for your services and get the word-of-mouth about the build-out going on Social Media, etc. But you need to spread the awareness of your project in the first place and for that, traditional marketing and in particular mailers are very powerful. Everyone checks their mailbox daily, right? We are very fortunate to have found an established and experienced US partner, that has an offer that fits like hand in glove with ours. This cooperation makes our customer’s even more successful in their demand aggregation campaigns,” says COS Systems CMO Isak Finer.