JERICHO, NY – Lightpath, a fiber-to-the-business provider for New York metropolitan area businesses, announced the availability of Managed Backup for mid-market businesses that want to deploy a simple, reliable and cost-effective desktop or server backup solution. The offering comprises Managed Backup Desktop and Managed Backup Server, and leverages Lightpath’s 100 percent fiber-based network for increased security and performance. The services are available at flat-rate pricing as an add-on to the company’s popular Internet Voice Bundle.

More mid-market businesses rely on the cloud to power sales platforms, email and document applications, IT operations and more. Managed Backup from Lightpath meets the increasing demand for cloud-based services with a powerful solution that can be leveraged for ongoing backup, disaster recovery, business continuity, electronic discovery and long-term data retention. Managed Backup represents an advancement over costly and harder to manage legacy solutions, as well as cloud-based services that rely on the public Internet to transmit critical business data.

Private Cloud Backup Services
Lightpath Managed Backup meets a broad range of business data backup needs with both a desktop and server-based offering. Both services are hosted in Lightpath’s private cloud, based on flat-rate pricing, backed by strong encryption and support rapid data recovery. Customers can easily manage Lightpath Managed Backup via an online portal that can be used to request support, create report logs and access application updates. Customers of the Lightpath Internet Voice Bundle get a reliable and cost effective backup service, with all data stored at redundant, secure and off-site data storage facilities.

Managed Backup Desktop is sold based on seat bundles that range from 25 to 5,000. This service can be used to automatically back up any PC or Mac-based laptop or desktop computer at specified times and intervals. Each desktop license includes unlimited storage for backup. Managed Backup Server is sold based on gigabytes used with options that range from 50 Gigabytes to 5,000 Terabytes or more. Lightpath Managed Backup is part of Lightpath’s managed product portfolio, which also includes Managed WiFi, Conference Bundle, Managed Video Service and Next-Generation Hosted Voice.