MUNICH/NEUBIBERG, GERMANY — Lantiq, a supplier of broadband access and home networking technologies, announced availability of its new VINAX dp8 fiber to the distribution point chipset, supported with a reference design to enable rapid deployment of 8-port broadband hybrid fiber/copper distribution point unit (DDU) with data rates of up to 300 Mbps per VDSL line – a milestone for the communications industry and the most efficient broadband access system in the market.

The GPON/VDSL DPU terminates a carrier’s fiber line near subscriber homes, and then extends 8 VDSL lines into customer premises. Based on the renowned Lantiq FALC ON GPON SoC and the new Lantiq VINAX dp8 VDSL2 transceiver, this innovative system integrates all required network processing functions for flow control with advanced impulse noise protection (G.INP) and solid quality of service (QoS) features. The reference design also includes an advanced reverse power extractor, ensuring balanced power sharing among up to 8 individual user lines.

Key features of the VINAX dp8 system solution:

  • Up to 8 VDSL lines with up to 300 Mbps aggregated data rate per line at 100 meter range from the DPU
  • Robust architecture, with data rates not impacted by CPU load or in-band control
  • Minimal footprint of the complete solution; with the integration of network processing functions and a new reverse power extractor, the reference design fits in a 16 x 16 cm box
  • Carrier-grade feature set and future proof roadmap, based on field proven GPON and VDSL platforms with millions of lines installed worldwide

By eliminating the need for costly termination of fiber lines inside each customer premise, FTTdp is the most economical network topology available to many carriers that have invested in fiber distribution lines. On short copper loops in a hybrid FTTdp network, VDSL2 technology provides fiber-like rates up to 300 Mbps. Furthermore, hybrid fiber/copper DPUs can be reverse powered from the subscriber home and do not require a power source. Additionally, the low port density of DPUs makes FTTdp substantially less complex and much easier to deploy and manage than conventional DSLAMs and MDUs.

“The VINAX dp8 chipset and our reference design system solution is a paradigm shifting innovation that enables ultra-lowest cost MDUs,” said  Dirk Wieberneit, senior vice president and general manager of the Broadband Business Unit. “The highly integrated design enables record time-to-market and provides network operators with an immediate solution for state-of-the-art 150 Mbps to 300 Mbps class broadband services at minimal system cost per port.”