ATLANTA, GA – IP UtiliNET, a provider of centrally managed communications, energy networks and security solutions, is partnering with Magellan Network Services, a Singapore-headquartered company delivering global network infrastructure and support, to offer high-bandwidth campus area networks to organizations throughout Magellan’s worldwide network. Magellan provides contracted 4-hour or better response times for network infrastructure support and service to thousands of companies in 392 cities within 145 countries.

“Magellan Network Services offers the industry reputation, experience and geographic footprint IP UtiliNET has been seeking to launch our managed communications platform on a global scale,” said David Quinn, CEO and managing director of IP UtiliNET. “Instead of continuing the industry trend of building fragmented networks, we will be able to offer customers a manageable, centralized solution, which is more secure than ever before. This partnership will enable us to reduce customer maintenance costs, enhance operational capability and improve customer loyalty greatly.”

Network Design Operates from a Single Platform
IP UtiliNET will partner with Magellan to offer GPON LANvisn single-mode fiber networks, which provide true gigabit speeds to the wall connection or automation device. The campus area high-speed network design operates from a single platform and requires less hardware as no distribution switches are needed to send a signal within 12 miles. Internet communications, security, automation, TV, VoIP, cellular devices and sensors of all types can be segmented across separate paths, eliminating delays in information delivery.

“The GPON solution complements our existing organizational model as the expert resource in global network infrastructure provisioning. By adding IP UtiliNET’s network services platform to our portfolio of products we can deliver a seamless high-speed network solution, which takes carrier-grade technology to the campus environment,” said Robert Lee, CEO of Magellan Network Services. “Today, organizations are overloading existing data networks by attempting to support ‘triple play’ digital services such as streamed video, streamed audio, video surveillance cameras, telephony and door access control systems on a network designed for data transport only, causing data to drop out. IP UtiliNET’s network solution takes the strain off the network and allows us to segregate services so our customers can grow again.”

IP UtiliNET recently debuted a customized GPON solution at Club Entrepreneur, which is an 11,000-square-foot enterprise facility in College Park, Georgia. Club E features Sustainable Network Technology (SustaNET), which combines high-bandwidth communications (GPON) and DC microgrid technology to automate power use and facility access. The network solution has resulted in a 70 percent reduction of Club E’s monthly power bill.