YORKTON, SASKATCHEWAN — The city of Yorkton is set to experience the next level in internet speed as SaskTel,an information and communications technology (ICT) provider in Saskatchewan, unleashes the power of infiNET fiber optics network. infiNET is available in select residential neighborhoods and eventually city wide. With speeds of up to 260 Mbps down and 60 Mbps up, infiNET allows SaskTel to connect its customers to their world faster than ever before.

“We are very pleased that Yorkton is included in SaskTel’s fiber optic upgrade program for Saskatchewan cities,” said Yorkton Mayor Bob Maloney. “Residents and businesses are looking forward to the much faster network speeds that infiNET can provide.”

$670 Million FTTP Program
Yorkton is the latest step in SaskTel’s ambitious $670 million fiber-to-the-premise (FTTP) program that will deploy fiber directly to homes and business by upgrading SaskTel’s broadband network across Saskatchewan’s nine largest cities. Beyond the immediate benefits of faster internet speeds for consumers, this network enhancement will have added benefits down the road. As demands for more bandwidth and faster speeds increase, infiNET provides SaskTel with a flexible platform that can quickly grow to meet its customer’s needs.

  • Upload and download data, movies, music, and more in a fraction of the time
  • Stream HD movies, play games, and video chat without freezing, pixelation, or dropped connections
  • Get unlimited downloading with no overage fees

In addition to Internet access, infiNET also offers HD programming and digital TV recording delivered to every maxTV set-top box in a home.

  • Watch HD on up to 7 TVs
  • Record up to 4 programs simultaneously with maxTV PVR
  • Get more bundling options for maxTV with even faster Internet speeds
  • Stream Netflix right on the maxTV set-top box

The fiber-to-the-premises program is part of SaskTel’s commitment to invest $1.4 billion across Saskatchewan through 2021. Investments like these will ensure that Saskatchewan will continue to receive some of the best communication and entertainment services in the world.