KIRKLAND, QUEBEC, CANADA – The demand for higher bandwidth speeds in fiber deployments is driving an ever-increasing demand for fiber optic components, according to the newly released “Fiber Optic Components: Global Strategic Business Report” from Publications, a research network and publishing company whose focus is technology and market research for the electronics industry.

Relentless demand for higher bandwidth speeds has transformed cabling technology. The advent of fiber optics, in particular, has revolutionized the market for cables, given the ability of fiber optics to offer high speed, agility, and accessibility, which are essential for the provision of next generation data services such as online gaming, IP VOD, and video-calling. The massive data explosion triggered by bandwidth heavy multimedia content, use of advanced applications and faster network servers are all contributing to traffic congestion, thereby creating a dire need for networks to support high transmission speeds. This need is expected to continue gathering momentum with businesses adopting latest networking technologies such as data warehousing, cloud computing and server virtualization, all of which have higher storage needs, and bandwidth-hogging applications.

Dire Need for Fiber Optic Components Spurs Investments

All of these factors are driving investments in fiber optic networks, including fiber optic components. Advancements in cabling technology, over the years, have resulted in significant growth in demand for fiber optic components such as transceivers, optical amplifier, coupler/splitters, WDM multiplexer and demultiplexers, filter, isolator, circulator, attenuator, optical switches, and wavelength converters, among others. The ongoing transition to high-speed fiber optic networks, like 40 and 100 Gbps networks, is also likely to continue well into the future spawning opportunities for fiber optic components. Liberalization of regulatory regimes in several countries and support from government for deployment of FTTH/B bode well for the market. The emergence of FTTH as an effective solution to fulfill the current and future data demands of a wired home network is poised to benefit market growth.

Asia-Pacific and Latin America Poised for Significant Growth
As stated by the new market research report on fiber optic components, Asia-Pacific and Latin America present huge growth opportunities supported by the continuous rise in the number of fixed broadband subscribers. India and China especially are expected to witness rapid growth in the coming years as a result of the strong emphasis placed on the indispensability of fiber optic deployments. China is considered as the most promising market for fiber optic component manufacturers, owing to the escalating demand for faster bandwidth as well as the untapped opportunities offered by the country’s huge population base.

Fast-Growing Need for Fiber Optic Transmitters/Receivers
Fiber optic transmitters/receivers represents the largest product market. The fiber optic connectors market is forecast to register the fastest CAGR of 14 percent over the analysis period. Growth in the fiber optic connectors market will be driven by increased deployment of next-generation networks in the telecom industry, government supported investments in fiber optical networks, and increasing trend towards smaller and multi-fiber connectors installed closer to end users.