Press Release

LOCKPORT, NY – GoNetspeed announced that thousands throughout Lockport will soon have access to GoNetspeed’s high-speed, 100% fiber internet. Through the provider’s privately funded $9 million investment, more than 10,000 locations will have access to future-proof fiber internet as early as spring of 2024, with construction beginning this fall.

Lockport is thrilled to see GoNetspeed’s investment in the community and our future,” said Mayor Michelle Roman. “With access to another provider option, our residents will have access to a high-speed option that they deserve, allowing us to compete with neighboring communities while improving our growth and retention.”

Now more than ever, high-speed internet is a necessity for everyday life as we shift to rely more upon online resources,” said Paul Griswold, GoNetspeed senior vice president of global marketing & general manager of New York operations. “Modern homes and businesses need internet that can keep up with our time online. We are thrilled to equip Lockport with a 100% fiber network that is designed to help customers live online with ease and look forward to seeing the impact of our network.”

GoNetspeed continues to ensure that more communities throughout New York have access to a high-speed, 100% fiber internet infrastructure. Currently, Cheektowaga, Depew, Geneva, Newark, Palmyra, Seneca Falls, Waterloo, and several more communities throughout the state have access to GoNetspeed’s service.