TORONTO, CANADA — GAOTek, a provider of fiber optics instruments, added another splicer to its fiber fusion splicers product line — the Fiber Fusion Splicer with PAS Technology (FTTH). Its PAS technology enables core-to-core alignment and ensures consistent low splice loss.

The Fiber Fusion Splicer with PAS Technology (FTTH) is a cost-effective high-precision FTTH fiber splicer. With a smart form factor and reliable quality, it is specifically designed for the installation, operation and maintenance of fiber-optic networks. This is a precise, durable and convenient optical fiber construction instrument.

Designed for the FTTH Environment
This newest addition is specifically meant for the FTTH environment, along with ordinary fiber engineering. It is a single fiber splicer equipped with PAS (profile alignment system) to provide core-to-core alignment. It serves as an optical fiber construction instrument that can be used in telecom engineering and maintenance, integrated wiring systems, the construction and maintenance of the other networks, scientific research, laboratory, and as teaching equipment.

In addition, it boasts single or simultaneous X and Y views at a magnification of 300/200 times and can automatically complete the entire process of fiber splicing in a mere few seconds. The reliable and light weight fusion splicer is designed to work in a confined space and workplace. With an inbuilt 5200mAH lithium battery, it guarantees a long, smooth operation.

About GAOTek
GAOTek offers a large selection of fiber optics instruments provided in six categories including OTDRs and locators; splicers; meters; sources and attenuators; switches and converters and others. Under these categories, technicians and field professionals can find an extensive collection of fiber optic tools, fiber optic testers, and fiber optic cable testers.