LAWTON, OK — Fidelity Communications announced that they are bringing 1 Gbps carrier-level data to Crosby Park Apartments in the city of Lawton, Oklahoma. This investment at Crosby Park marks the first of a three-phase project to bring high-speed data connections to three of Lawton’s apartment complexes: Crosby Park, Invitational, and Avendale apartments.

Conversations between investors and Fidelity Communications has been ongoing since 2015, after the company was approached by apartment owners seeking a solution to lacking infrastructure. At Invitational, residents were without internet service, awaiting updates to substandard technology and hardware.

Fidelity has built over 2.5 miles of fiber cable lines, and wired new hardware in each apartment that will serve as the entry point for all three of Fidelity’s services. Unlike older coax services, the new fiber cable system is more reliable for residents and more energy efficient for the community.

A direct competitive product to Google Fiber, this advanced service is available to apartment complex residents at an introductory cost of $84.99 per month for the first year of service, pending credit approval. The service includes high speed data and video streaming as well as cable, phone and wireless services. The higher speeds support multiple video streams, high-end online gaming, unlimited wireless devices and rapid transfer of huge data files, along with the capability to handle bandwidth-draining applications.