COLUMBUS, OH — The city of Columbus will enhance availability of community broadband services through an innovative approach to public-private partnership. Recently, the Columbus City Council unanimously approved a plan laid out by City CIO, Gary Cavin that will optimize how city-owned infrastructure and properties can be used to support better broadband services citywide.

Columbus has contracted with Connected Nation Exchange (CNX), which provides the software technology and services that enable cities and broadband companies to collaborate more effectively. CNX will develop a roadmap for how city-owned fiber can be made available to internet service providers, including wireless carriers, and other businesses that are interested in providing high bandwidth services throughout Columbus. Using its CNXchange Platform the company manages how and under what terms Internet companies use city-owned assets for network improvement. The result is an environment attractive for private sector investment as well as the creation of a revenue stream for the city that can help fund future investments in the city’s fiber infrastructure.

Supporting Economic Growth Across Community Sectors
“Broadband technology is a key driver of economic growth, safety and innovation for our city and region. In Columbus, we are proud to have an incredible network of individuals who strive to keep this access a top priority. By advancing the availability of high-speed fixed and mobile broadband, we ensure a high level of efficiency across the many sectors of our community.” said Columbus Mayor Michael B. Coleman.

Providing Internet Capacity Services
In partnership with CNX the City of Columbus will provide much needed Internet capacity services while private companies can develop the innovations that extend content and services to customers and constituents. The city envisions that more companies will be able to offer affordable services that will help address key technology needs for public safety, economic development, operational efficiency and digital inclusion.

“We have always worked to be a leader when it comes to using technology to better serve citizens,” said Gary Cavin, Columbus CIO, “and this is another example of that deliberateness. We have invested in fiber optics for several years to enhance Public Safety and improve operational efficiency throughout the city. There is currently much ado about how to attract a single provider of gigabit service to a city – we believe this approach will open the door for multiple service providers and offerings not yet even imagined.”

“Columbus continues to lead the way for cities who seek to have a thriving technology economy,” said Brian Mefford, CEO of CNX. “We are proud to partner with city leadership towards making Columbus ‘the most connected city in the nation.’ To succeed, a city must possess leadership, vision and determination to pursue new collaborative avenues. These are traits that run deep in Columbus.”

Services to be provided to the City of Columbus by CNX include:

  • CNXchange broadband asset brokerage services
  • Broadband market analysis
  • Asset mapping and valuation
  • Broadband gap analysis
  • Fiber marketing and leasing services
  • Service Level Agreement management with ISPs
  • Small cell and Distributed Antenna System strategy
  • Services to advance Columbus’ four tenants – enhance public safety, economic development, operational efficiency and digital inclusion. Provide billing and reporting for use of city assets for purpose of expanding broadband services