PITTSBURGH, PA – Solutions developer Cheetah Technologies released its new CheetahXD 4.0 software, a network performance management system that enhances a service provider’s control over, and view of, activities occurring on its networks.

The 4.0 release of CheetahXD provides operators with visibility and transparency through Network Tracker Plus, the network performance monitoring device that the company introduced in November 2011. Network Tracker Plus’s testing and reporting capabilities let cable service providers analyze all types of channels – analog video, DOCSIS data and quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM) digital video. They can keep a close eye on network performance and ensure advanced quality of service, workforce automation or telemetry functions, while supplying up-to-the-minute data to optimize performance in real time.

“Cable and broadband service providers are under more pressure than ever before, as competition is incredibly fierce,” says Steve Day, SVP for marketing and strategic planning at Cheetah Technologies. “Ensuring and maintaining a high quality of experience is an essential part of every operator’s service. CheetahXD 4.0 supports network performance monitoring in any mission-critical location in the networks, allowing for a proactive approach to quality assurance in real time.”

Other applications of CheetahXD 4.0 with Network Tracker Plus include:
• Automating the semiannual FCC proof-of-performance test process
• Performance monitoring of mission-critical locations, such as high-value neighborhoods, high-density population centers and network trouble spots
• Real-time monitoring for difficult customer network or content troubleshooting issues
• Ensuring workforce quality assurance to eliminate inadvertent workforce-caused outages
• Providing long-term system analysis and scorecards at critical network health points.